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We are in a quest to find the best pillow in Bahrain. We will analyze some of the modern types in the pillow market to find the best. We won’t be considering the quilt only model as that is not recommended for healthy support for the head while sleeping.

The Pillow Types

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The types we consider here are relatively new form factors and not in any special order. There will be a verdict in the end based on the analysis. However, your purchase should be made considering every other factor as well.

Memory Foam Pillows

Conforming is one of the key features of a pillow. Memory forms are known for their conforming properties. They are being used in every possible product for which comforting should be a main feature. So, why not for the comfort of your head. Memory foam pillows are the most common among the types which we are discussing today. However, even pillows filled with memory foams are relatively a new form factor when compared to the quilted ones.

Gel Infused Pillows

Recently in almost every mattress sale in Bahrain, you might have come across this term. Either as part of an offer or as a normal advertisement content. It is obvious from the name, what gel infused pillows are. They are the models with packets of gel included as a layer within the pillow body. This will impart an extra comforting effect with temperature advantages.

Speaking of infusion, in the pursuit of producing the best pillow in Bahrain, companies have taken infusion to the next level. Nowadays, in the market, absorbent infused pillows as well as scent infused pillows are available

Absorbent infused pillows are filled with material with good absorbance, like charcoal. By doing so, they are imparting an extra quality to the pillow, that is deodorizing. It also helps in controlling the moisture on the pillow.

Scent infused pillows, as the name suggests, are having perfumed foams. Natural flavors are infused in the foam of the pillow. This will impart an additional quality of smelling nice around you while having your cozy sleep.

Hybrid Pillows

The pillows with multiple foam factors in combination are generally termed hybrid pillows. Almost every bed company has is producing hybrid pillows in various combinations. They are doing this to include properties of both the materials in the pillow. In most cases, hybrids give you more comfort than single filling pillows. The earlier misconception of the more fluffy the best pillow is now gone. Now people’s choices are based more on health benefits.

Spring Pillows

It can be counted as a type of hybrid pillow. However, it requires a special consideration. Just like spring mattresses, spring pillows are filled with a layer of micro pocket spring within the body of the pillow. This layer of spring usually comes in combination with memory foam. This arrangement will provide certain improved qualities to the pillow.

Independent coils help in improved head support. This is also good for the spine and neck positioning. The spring infused design also ensures better breathability than normal memory foam pillows and the conforming-cushioning balance. As mentioned in the blog about types of bed earlier, both conforming and cushioning are not qualities that are ‘the more, the better’ types. There should be an optimum level maintained for both to get the best result.

Adjustable pillows

These are the pillows with different layers of memory foams. These layers can be removed or added one by one according to your comfort. Adjustable pillows also come in hybrid form as well. They are gaining popularity in every bed sale Bahrain witness.

Shoulder Pillows

Shoulder pillows are not any different form factor, rather their shape is so adjusted to give maximum support to the neck and shoulders. It is not a common category. However, leading mattress manufacturers in Bahrain like American Beds are selling this product. It is available online as well.

Reversible Pillows

Reversible pillows are not just any pillows which you can use from both sides. These are  pillows with memory foam at one side and specially designed quilts at the other side. This is to use a pillow according to changing preferences. One side gives more firm support and comfort. While the other side is less firm but more fluffy and comforting.

Verdict: The best pillow in Bahrain

This is strictly considering the health aspect along with comfort. With the capacity to maintain the conforming and cushioning in optimum level, I proclaim spring pillows as the winner with gel infused models right behind.

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