It is very important to know how to take care of a brand new bed sheet.

When you go to buy bed linens, you can find lots of different colors, patterns, fabrics, and prices for the pieces you need. And for as many different choices available, there are as many different ways of caring for them. Colors must be protected, fibers must be treated just right.

But you don’t need to be puzzled about how to care for each of your choices. You don’t need to guess if it’s how water or cold, line dry or tumble.

Each piece of bed linen you’ll buy comes with specific recommendations for cleaning and drying. Follow the directions!

It’s a great idea to save the care instructions wrapped with every piece of bed linen. Some of the tags sewn into the hems even tell you how to wash and dry. But it’s helpful to tape the instructions on a file card, mark the card with the particular product that it applies to, and keep it near your laundry area. When you’re not quite sure how to treat a piece, you’ll have the information at hand in the laundry room.

Yet beyond specific instructions are some general, common sense tips for purchasing, cleaning, and caring for sheets, pillow cases, and other bed linens. Did you know that you can remove some wrinkles from sheets by throwing a damp cloth into the dryer? Read more tips on caring for and cleaning bed linens.